Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rhone Region - Provence

Hello Foodies!
I have been on the road for the last 4 days... Rhone River Region!!! 150 kilometers of grapes, grapes, grapes, and olives! Nyons is home for the Queen of Black Olives.... and I must say, YUM! I owe you some photos and stories about this trek, plus my interview with the Food Bank in Toulouse... but I am trying to survive the camper's grind, no internet and on the run, for my time is running out in France. I am compiling some thoughts and ideas teased out from my experience while in France. As soon as a land into a permanent space, I will share. Germany is soon. Please send me some emails. I miss hearing from you and welcome a personal letter. (the fresh apricot juice in photo was made by the farmer who let me camp next to his orchard)


SloRide and Shake n' Bake said...

Kimski - we miss you! Last night we celebrated Belgian Independence day with a Belgian style ale home-brewed by Christian. People brought over favorite Belgian ales and we had Belgian foods! It wasn't the same without you. Sante´ Lori and Christian


Thanks! I am sure the Belgian beer is fabulous. Christian is certainly a wizard at beer making. Hope to test out some good German beers soon!
hugs to both of you!