Friday, July 30, 2010

LPG BioMarket, Berlin

I found five LPG BioMarkets in Berlin and they offer a wide array of choices (yogurts in too many flavors and containers to count!) The German breads are fantastic (US needs to learn how to grow a variation of wheat so we can bake more flavorful, nutritional breads). I am scheduled to visit an organic bakery this week, and hope to gain some insight on wheat types. The bread in the photo is obviously hearty and had not only seeds and nuts but carrots too! It hardly needed assistance from butter or jam. The escalator ride to the second floor allowed you to shop for specials. I was impressed with the range of fresh meats you could buy. The German cheese is superb as well as the varieties. I await an interview from their manager.

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lollipoopmonster said...

woaaaaaaaaah, i bet that grocery store is really big coz they have escalator that allows customer to choose a wide variety of products in between those railings! more than that, im inlove with those company who offers organic food delivered right to your doorsteps, you'll only need to shop online and they'll just deliver it to you. Isn't it amazing?! :)