Friday, July 9, 2010

AMAP Farmers = Community Supported Agriculture

Hello Foodies!!!

The following photos are AMAP farmers (similiar to Community Supported Agriculture system) near Venerque le Verne, about 40 kilometers from Toulouse.

Pierre Besse, wife Nicole and neighbor-friends Nigel Parker and Renee Zehmer afforded me an afternoon interview and tour of their farms. Pierre, Renee, and I sat down over cups of espresso and discussed their political, social, and philosophical ideas about what they do, AMAP’s framework, climate change, GMO’s, compost, sustainable living and much more. I was so delighted to see their strawbale and cob n mud built structures as well as their composting toilets.

My apologies for not providing you with a report of my observations but I just returned and must prepare for an early morning departure. Enjoy the photos for now and I promise to give an in depth report on AMAP's, and details about these lovely farm families.

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