Saturday, July 31, 2010

Composting in Berlin

Berliners separate their garbage. Berliner Stadteinigungsbetriedbe, BSR recycles it. Tuesday I have a meeting with Dr. Thomas Klockner, Customer Communications Director, to talk about how they process residential food waste into compost. It is my desire to follow the process from kitchen scraps to compost.

Friday, July 30, 2010

LPG BioMarket, Berlin

I found five LPG BioMarkets in Berlin and they offer a wide array of choices (yogurts in too many flavors and containers to count!) The German breads are fantastic (US needs to learn how to grow a variation of wheat so we can bake more flavorful, nutritional breads). I am scheduled to visit an organic bakery this week, and hope to gain some insight on wheat types. The bread in the photo is obviously hearty and had not only seeds and nuts but carrots too! It hardly needed assistance from butter or jam. The escalator ride to the second floor allowed you to shop for specials. I was impressed with the range of fresh meats you could buy. The German cheese is superb as well as the varieties. I await an interview from their manager.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Who Knows Tomorrow!

Hello Food Fans!
If you have not already heard, my 27 year old Mercian has been separated from me. During the night train from Paris to Berlin, the mile long train separated and the half with my bike went to Munich. The first 48 hours of this mishap left me in shock. The next day was depression and now, with great support from my hosts here in Berlin, we are working daily trying to locate and retrieve my trusty bike-friend. I am hopeful, but it appears that this process may take some time. I am moving forward with my project. Next week I have an appointment with Berlin city officials to discuss their kitchen waste composting system. I am going to push them to give me a tour... from kitchen to compost. Also, the organic business in Germany is one of the largest and oldest in EU. I will bring you many stories from this fantastic country. Finally, I am working on a synopsis of my French food experience... I have gleaned some great ideas for Tucson!.. please send positive thoughts about my bike... Thank you to all for your support!
The following photos:

From the Staatliche Museum zu Berlin (SMB)

Screaming man….my sentiments about my bike

In front of SMB “Who Knows Tomorrow”

Street scenes

Couch surfing host, Judith, surprised me with a birthday dinner with several friends attending. She calls daily trying to locate my bike in Munich.

Other hosts (floor surfing), the Gabrusiak brothers.. The Turkish neighborhood supplies us with many nice meals together. Waclaw afforded me SO much help in trying to locate my bike. A native Pole, his German is limited but he amazes me with his effort to find answers for me.

Scenes from SMB…

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lyon, France

Thank you Ghislaine and Mike (photo) for hosting me for one night in Lyon. What a fantastic city! Lyon is France's gastronomic center, with prestigious culinary schools and restaurants. Deemed the Ambassador of French cuisine, chef Paul Bocuse has a luxury restaurant l'Auberge du Pont de Collonges, near Lyon, which has been serving a traditional menu for decades, as well as the Institute Paul Bocuse.