Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Biogis France

Stéphanie Carin wants her children to eat as well as she did while growing up in Great Britain where her mom prepared traditional wholesome foods and meats from her father’s butcher shop. Organic foods are part of Stéphanie’s family meal time experience. Equally important to her are the organic farmers in France. Within the last year, Stéphanie has compiled up to 2.700 organic farmers on her website Biogis. “Bios (organic foods) in France are a new phenomena compared to Germany and Austria who lead in many environmental areas. The idea of Biogis is to act as a conduit between organic farmers and customers.” Grocery stores take approximately 70% of the profit and Stephanie wants to track organic foods to the table. “Biogis gives a voice to the farmer, where they can share their food passion and work behind their product.” Innovative ideas, such as agro-ecological farming where farmers are bringing back traditional land use practices and biodiversity are exemplified on Biogis. Some farmers moved from conventional-chemical farming to organic because they realized they were poisoning themselves and the customers. From 110 hectare to 10 hectare in scale and a diversity of personalities, Stéphanie believes that the farmers have one thing in common… they do this work not for the money, but for the love of true farming and the care of the earth. The germination of Biogis to facilitate the networking between farmers and with their customers is a large sustainable step for France.

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