Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fish from Neringa, Lithuania

Neringa lies on the Baltic Sea and is part of the Curonian Spit which is shared between Lithuania and Russia. It's natural beauty, unique ecology, and historical villages has earned this Baltic jewel a UNESCO world heritage site. To the west of Neringa lies the Baltic Sea and to its east is the fresh water Curonian Lagoon. Delicacies harvested from these waters are favorites for the many visitors who come year round. Pictured is one of my dinners: a smoked skumbre (mackerel), a popular Lithuanian pilsner Volfas Engelman, beet and pea salad, along with an arugula salad and homemade bread. YUMMY!!!
The catch-of-the-day was harvested from a hole in the icy Curonian Lagoon and delivered to the fish shops where they are smoked or sold fresh. Within the bucket is stinta (smelt) or commonly called cucumber fish because its smell is similar to freshly cut cucumbers. Pictured is it fresh, smoked, and fried. Its taste is very mild and melts in your mouth.