Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Radical Life with my Radical Trailer

Many thanks to Peter Blansjaar from Radical Design, the Dutch manufacture who is responsible for hooking me and my bike up with the finest equipment. This trailer is amazing... it quickly turns into a duffle-bag for easy train or plane transport, pulls sweetly behind my bike, and relieves the 'squirreliness' that heavy panniers place on your mobility. The Radical Trailer hauled a 20 kilo box full of my excessive gear to the post office. Also, the wheels adjust so I can pull it up and down stairs, which is often in the cities I am couch surfing. The expressions I receive going up and down escalators in railway stations is priceless.
If you have not heard, my bike was recovered in Munich, thanks from the help of the US Consulate. I gave up on it's safe return and asked Peter to send me another ball-hitch which I would need to add to a new bike. He sent it the same day I requested it and made a special trip to the post to ensure I received it. I have added it to my borrowed bike in Berlin (see photos) and it has allowed me to move around the city with ease. Thank you so much Radical Design for making my life radical!!! Please visit the radical designers at the site below... they make other extraordinary products!

Radical Design Manufacturing BV

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