Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mehlworm BioVollkornbackerei, Berlin

BioVollkornbackerei, a 27 year old bakery in Neukolln district, originated from a collective of squatters who desired an alternative way of living and working. Work, they decided, should be a place with a no boss mentality, where work staff equally shares in decision making, where pay is equal regardless of duties, and the work environment is stress-free and pleasant.
Bread at that time was poor in quality, hence the collective's desire to make wholesome bread. Gabby Silke, on of the founding members, says that producing quality food was important, but more important was working as a collective. Also, as a lesbian, she could work openly, without reprisals. With a feminest perspective, the collective had more women members than men, since bakeries historically have been dominated by men. Vanessa Tuttlies, 10 year veteran at Mehlworm, says these values still exist today, even though the 23 staff is now half collective members and half employees. For her and many other staff members, her job is not about making money, but about a quality of living ( she works no more than 30 hours per week).
Mehlworm BioVollkornbackerei uses German-grown organic grains, with many of the farmers still used today since the bakeries inception. The 20 varieties of baked goods offered to their customers are outstandingly wholesome and tasty. The sour dough rye bread I ate was fantastic!

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Kimski, this gives a woman some hope--thanks for uncovering the delicious possibilities...