Monday, August 2, 2010

Chamissoplatz Organic Farmers' Market, Berlin

Okomarkt am Chamissoplatz is one of the oldest all-organic farmers' markets in Berlin. Founded in 1994, this small group of vendors come every Saturday morning to sell everything from the finest quality breads, cheeses, vegetables, eggs, and meats too fresh cut flowers, handmade stuffed animals, and handmade brushes from natural fibers. Jo (pictured) with Ziegenhof goat farm offers 16 goat cheese and meat products. HOF Marienhohe is a bio-dynamic farm from Bad Saarow that sells vegetables, but also makes homemade breads, meats, cheeses, and honey. Augmenting the market was a mini-coffee van offering fair-trade coffee and fresh cut flowers. I made a meal in the nearby park with tomatoes, onion, grain rolls, and goat cheese with herbs. It was heavenly.
Pictures following the market photos are from the streets of Berlin on my way to the market.. fantastic graffitti art, a community water pump commonly seen throughout Berlin (most of the ones I tried are not functioning, but I found one that yielded water). And post by bike. Berlin is a city that loves bikes.

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