Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dr. Konrad Hagedorn - Humbolt University-Berlin

As Head of Division of the Department of Agricultural Economics
at Humbolt University-Berlin, Dr. Konrad Hagedorn has a curricula vitae so substantial that it would stack higher than hay in any barn. (See the following for details)
Dr. Hagedorn afford me an interview in which he gave an overview of the historical perspective of agriculture and economics in Europe and the US. He provided ideas on how small scale agriculture could be sustainable, how it is possible to insure food security and food soveignty. Discussed topics included: climate change, peak oil, gentically modified organisms, seed banks, small scale verses large scale agriculture, and world hunger. When asked the future of agriculture, Dr. Hagedorn replied that it is unclear, that the big question is dependent on energy.

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