Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Today I want to show you some awesome shit!
Hey peps, you know I love shit, dung, turds, frass, biscuttes, poo, crap, caca. You name the shit and it's alright by me. Most recently I scored on some zoo poo, you know the giraffe, rhino, zebra and yes, in my hands in the picture below is my fave - an elephant turd. My tomatoes are loven' it and so are my red-wigglers. The next hot shit on the block is pigeon poo. Donning my respirator on an early Sunday morning to go scrap up from underneath a bridge some pigeon poo makes my weekend. It is better than rabbit and chicken shit for N-P-K
Great for citrus, and all fruit trees. go light on the veggies but not the tomatoes. They eat it up!
O Hoe

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