Thursday, May 21, 2009

Local Meat

Trapped with chicken pellets as bait, these six pigeons are 1/2 female and 1/2 male of varying ages.
To butcher a pigeon, apply the same skills as if it were a chicken, with the exception that feather removal requires no boiling water.

Pigeon has little to no fat, so a drier meat, therefore, less time to cook. First, marinate in olive oil and numerous herbs, followed by stuffing with what is available seasonally. Apple, fennel, onion and garlic were our choices. Bart with bacon, using dental floss (avoid mint flavored), insuring that the legs and wings are tucked in. Forget the salt, because it will toughen the meat and didn't require any after cooking. Do not overcook these darlings. Fifteen to 20 minutes at the most at 275 and broil afterwards for a minute or two to crispen the bacon.

The legs and wings are stringy but have soup stock potential.

Eatting my first pigeon. The results: breasts are the best; dense in flavor and high in qi.

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