Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Polish Farmer Jozef Wiaktor and Family

Jozef Wiaktor was born on his family's farm in Sejuy, Poland just a few kilometers from the Lithuanian boarder. This rolling, lake studded landscape is still full of family farms and Tomek and Daniel are the next generation of Wiaktor's farmers. While installing fence posts in a downpour late one evening, the Wiaktor's found me hungry and damp in my tent, in the field they were working. Whisking me back to their house, daughter Anie made me a plate of 6 eggs impregnated with ham and hot tea. Using Tomek's English skills and the translator on their computer, we discovered each others worlds. Jozef described how he saw on television a program through Heffier International for assisting Polish farmers with self-reliance and sustainability. Signing up with this program, he received a productive breed of cow and bull from Heffier International. After several years of successful breeding practices, the Wiaktor farm is producing high quality, organic meat. Their farm also has a rare breed of chickens, with green legs, and a rare pig, which they love so much they leave a radio on at night to keep her from being nervous. I am very grateful to have met the Wiaktor's and the diner and breakfast (fresh fried fish and more eggs!) gave me the fuel I need to proceed onward with my bike trek. I hope to visit this farm again!

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