Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pepiak Family

I left the German-Czech Republic border soaked to the bone and my face swollen from mosquito bites. After 24 hours and 7 trains (yes 7). I am greeted in Warsaw by my dear friend Rafal, who I call brother. He shared his home, his food, his wisdom, and took me home to his mom's flat in Katowice, where Kristen fed me so much traditional Polish food that I could not move. Rafal even understood my mayonnaise addition and insured that I consumed only Poland's finest. I am honored to posses Polish genes and I am so grateful for all the the goodness and heart my peeps from Poland afforded me. Rafal, I'll be back!

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Amy said...

Hi Kimski,
Yea! finally in Poland! I'm reading and eating my first arugula salad of the season--spicy! Miss you...