Monday, June 14, 2010

Sunday Dinner on rue Tousseau with Odile and friends

Aligre is one of the oldest and most famous markets in Paris and sits directly across from Odile’s flat on rue Trousseau. Not only is Aligre market know for its quality products and reasonable prices but also the “bo bo” (bourgeois bohemian) café, The Baron Rouge. As commonly done in the past, wine is dispensed from oak kegs for your café or home table. The Baron Rouge tapped Odile and I two bottles of white wine to go into the blanquette de veau and to serve with our meal. Next, we purchased veal from Odile’s favorite meat shop. Next, carrots, onions, and mushrooms were purchased to simmer with the veal. Two types of olives were selected from the 20 available for an appetizer. Our guests brought surprises too! David appeared with two bottles of red wine made by his father and Herve the beef-pork pate made by his grandmother. Tasso added assorted nuts. Cyril a cake from south-western France called gateau basque, and home-made rolls made by his mother. Embellishing the end of our meal was a salad and chocolates from a neighborhood pastry shop.

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I never used to hate the French but now I am thinking about starting. It seems so unfair. They sit on the Seine having picnics and playing cards and they eat food like this, all while I am pulling prickly-pear spines out of my sweat-soaked clothing and trying to decide between a Subway Spicy Italian or a hepatital burrito.

Léa said...

Hello ! Your blog is very amazing !
Good travel !

Léa et Yoann

OregonMike said...

Ditto - major food envy here (and I am not even hungry at the moment!). I read today that the US has the 2nd worst tasting cuisine in the world (England being #1 and we are followed by China, Germany and Russia in that order). I am counting my blessings to live so close to Mexico now but wouldn't mind a weekend in France!