Saturday, June 19, 2010

My last dinner in Paris at l'encrier (the ink well)

Odile, her daughter Lea, friend Yoan, and I went to l'encrier, The Ink Well for a fabulous Parisian dinner. My meal (photos) was friton d'auvergne, a ham pate. Pintade aux raisins, my main entre' was guinea fowl lathered in a sauce with baby grapes. The eggplant and potato side dish was a perfect complement. I had apricot tart for desert, tarte aux abricots et amandes. The menu changes here weekly, with seasonal foods, and a on-staff chef with assistants. The shocking news is that this is an average restaurant for Paris and offers very exotic dishes with veal, rabbit, lamb, pork, and fish. Odile had baby cow kidneys, a first for me to taste, and very flavorful!
Just for fun, a photo from metro... an organic advertisement next to McDonalds.

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