Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Orgainc Jam'n in the Ukraine

Paul Tizesh, Jam Factory Owner in Butar, Ukraine

Hello from the Ukraine where the finest organic blueberry and cranberry jam is made!

Only organic acacia honey and berries are combined to make a heavenly food friendship. Jam experts and staff are pilot testing combinations for production in newly renovated 100 year old building in Botar, a village of 1,000. Berries are collected from Carpathian Mountains at altitude of 2,000 meters. Local organic plums and strawberries will be processed into jam soon. Paul Tizesh, owner and organic entrepreneur, has been making local, organic jams and juices from his home for 6 years. He hopes to sweeten the pallets of Europe with his delicious jams in the near future.

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SEIKI said...

Beautiful place! I would lve to go!