Friday, June 6, 2008

Traditional Food at the "VIP" restaurant

Garden courtyard at the VIP

Oleg is passionate about locally grown organic foods, preserving traditional Ukrainian foods, and improving the soils at his 10 hectare farm. Dinning at his restaurant on the Ukrainian-Polish border is a culinary delight. Roxy, our translator, and I were overwhelmed by the traditional food and historical ambiance and Oleg's over the top hospitality.

Borsh soup, cabbage salad, Ukrainian dumplings stuffed with pork and topped with bacon and sour cream. Our beverage, 'tea on the plant' is made from dried fruits and honey.

Pork Shashleek

Local honey pancakes stuffed with cherries and cheese coated in white sugar

Wine from the Crimea
Home made Vodka bread is baked in fire oven

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