Sunday, May 18, 2008

Spring in Hungary

Spring in Hungary is full of delights. Residuals at a tram stop reflect much about the state of affairs.

Roadside chlorophyll is astounding. Winter wheat is belly high, wildflowers are impressionistic, and the acacia trees are in full bloom. FYI, acacia honey is a delicacy and is sold to Western European countries

Whereas the shops in Hungary sell honey imported from China.

This stampede of horses woke me up from my slumber while picknicking in a countryside meadow.

The Hungarian beer is giving me relief from jet lag particularly when consumed on the Danube River.

My hostesses Pearl and Agi are taking good care of me. They are insuring that I experience Hungarian foods, and the plum and fresh mushroom sauces over dumplings or pork are a culinary delight. We enjoyed one afternoon adding to their garden, planting some tomato seedlings and seeds from Native Seed Search, including installing a composting pit. They are the newest members of the Food Hoe Club and hopefully all others are hoeing down. My worm regards to my peps! I am off in the middle of the week to a village of 2000 on the Hungarian-Ukraine border assisting a sheep farmer. More stories to follow... your kimski

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fabbrica2 said...

damn, girl. sounds like some reeel rough times over there! wish I would be there; w/ native seeds or w/o.

nothing new here yet; same old, same old; twilight, and dimming d o


(change is in the air. sometimes I can smell it like an approaching summer rain)