Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A popular Hungarian custom is to cook schonka, a cured ham over fire. Cooked slowly on a limb of acacia or oak, bits of fat and meat are removed as it cooks and grease drippings are rubbed on bread. This meal is usually accompanied by pepper, cucumber, turnip, onions or tomatoes.
Tarpa is famous for pallenka, a brandy made from plum and apple trees. Pallenka is enjoyed sometimes before meals, even breakfast. Also acacia trees abound and its cluster of white flowers are enjoyed by bees resulting in an exquisite, light tasting honey. A local white, light fruit wine comes from the grapes grown on the little mountain in Tarpa, a residual of the Carpathian Mountain range. Cherry trees line the village's streets and like the plums, are made into jams, and traditional sauces and soups.

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