Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Labdariai Info Shop - Free University

Labdariai Info Shop, aka Free University, is a grass roots space in the center of Vilnius. Started 6 years ago in an apartment flat, a handful of youths were active in sharing music, food, and publishing zines. Today, the collective of youths and location have change, but the desire to squeeze more out of their culture have not. The Info Shop now hosts a vegan cafe, a lending library, and music center. Movies, mini-concerts, and presentations with discussions are held here. Presently, there is discussion on developing a model for a CSA or Coop where local farmers could use the Info Shop as a distribution center. A colony of worms from my home are now in the cafe to dispose of some of the cafe's refuse. Pictured are several of the organizers shredding paper for bedding for the new worm bin. Also pictured are carrot pancakes, made with pureed, local carrots, a little starch and seasoning.

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