Thursday, November 18, 2010

Blood and Sugar: Lithuanian Power Bar

Lithuanian hematogenu is a post-communist food product now sold as a food supplement or even a medicine. Chocolate was expensive during Soviet times, and this ‘healthy’ candy was an inexpensive sweet enjoyed by children.  The ingredients in these ‘power bars’ comprised of sugar, condensed milk, a starch, oil, flavorings, and blood… yes, blood!  Hematogenas are a natural source of iron made from pig or calf blood and processed as an edible animal blood.This is an attractive selling feature for those who are lacking in iron and desire a tasty, healthy source of natural iron. In Lithuania, the leader in production of this health-food is Hemo2Gen, which alongside of its “classic” tasting hematogena,  has 3 new product line: Hema2Gen Imuno with ginger, Hema2Gen Extra Vitamins with almost ½ the daily recommended vitamin C, and  B12, and Hema2Gen Energy with the vitamins that the Extra line has plus some caffeine (45g). A 100g bar of Hema2Gen contains 10mg of iron.  This product can be purchased at most pharmacies, supermarkets, and kiosks.  Having sampled Hemo2Gen Extra, the taste was not disagreeable, given that it was very sugary, but disappointingly, no essence of blood.

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SloRide and Shake n' Bake said...

Mmmmm..! Maybe you can bring some of those bars back to Tucson with you. We miss you around here - I'm thinking about you today because Christian is brewing a chocolate-orange oatmeal stout today in time for the holidays. We will toast you when it is ready!