Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Sweet Natalie Rose

Natalie Rose is an Italian Buttercup with enormous amounts of pluck and mettle. If the door is left open, she makes a bee line into the house to eat the cat's food. While resting under the ramada, Natalie Rose always jumps into my lap to see what I am doing and proceeds to preen my clothes, freeing them of any lint or soil particles.
Her favorite organic food are pill bugs fresh from the compost. She always dresses up for the holidays and red is her favorite color of nail polish.
An unfortunate accident happened to Natalie Rose on Sunday. While scratching in the worm bin, intense wind blew a sheet of ply wood on top of her. She was not discovered until the next day. Natalie Rose was flattened and in great shock. As she limped away from the 15+ hour ordeal, a dangling egg dropped... she never misses a day no matter what.
After a rubdown of Rescue Remedy, water, melon seeds, and quinoa, Natalie Rose has almost fully recovered. She managed to get on the top perch the same day after her rescue. She never ceases to amaze me. Her determination and tenacity, even on her bad days, is a good reminder for me not to let a heavy board smash my spirit.

The board that trapped Natalie Rose but not her pluck or cluck for life!

Jack and Natalie Rose

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Susana said...

GREAT Story for a GREAT chicken!